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Bud and Bloom Named as One of America’s Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries

Award-winning interior design of Bud and Bloom

Recently, Bud and Bloom was honored to be selected as one of America’s top 10 most beautiful cannabis dispensaries by Leafly, the largest cannabis website in the world.  The full article can be read here.

However, one thing the article does not adequately address is why I decided to put in all the extra effort and expense of making Bud and Bloom such a unique and aesthetically pleasing space.  I believe that the changing demographic trends among cannabis users and purchasers as it has become legalized create a lot of room for forward-thinking cannabis entrepreneurs to really differentiate themselves from the competition.  Let’s look at a few of the key ideas I had in mind when choosing to design Bud and Bloom in this particular fashion:

  1. ‘Stoner’ Culture Being Displaced

If you have visited a smoke shop any time in the past several decades, your senses were probably assailed by a barrage of neon colors, Grateful Dead music, and the odor of patchouli, as soon as you walked in the door.  Head shops catered almost exclusively to what one would normally think of as ‘stoner’ culture.

The average cannabis user these days bears little resemblance to the caricatures of the past; while there will always be stoners among us, the sheer volume of medical and recreational users literally dwarfs them as a cohort in terms of retail importance.

Consequently, we wanted to give Bud and Bloom a sleek, industrial-chic look that would appeal to all of our target demographics; professionals, medical users, casual recreational smokers – as well as traditional stoner types.

  1. First Impressions Matter

Another consideration I had in mind when designing Bud and Bloom is how new the experience of legally purchasing cannabis is to all of us.  Five or ten years ago, I’m sure the average user would never have dreamed they could simply walk into a store and purchase their medicine right over the counter.

Since the experience is so new, I realized that a bit of very old wisdom probably applies better here than in many other contexts: first impressions matter.

I want to give all of the visitors to Bud and Bloom a specific first impression of the facility; I want the entire retail experience of visiting it to seem sleek, sexy, and modern.  I want to present them a seamless, mind-blowing experience that is custom-tailored to their own personal shopping preferences.  I believe we have succeeded at least in part, and we will continue to refine our experience and ambiance in the future.

  1. Next-Gen Retail Experience

A final concept I wanted to fully express and utilize through the design of Bud and Bloom is that of open space.  We went to great pains to really open up the interior floor space of the dispensary by shifting our entire sales and browsing systems over to an iPad tablet system.

Product is kept up against one wall.  We have an expansive, beautiful marble countertop used by our budtenders to weigh out and dispense material to customers.  The rest of the space is basically open, with wonderful lighting, and a few small tables showcasing accessories and other supplemental items.  This gives Bud and Bloom an incredibly clean and modern feeling, which we believe is of immense appeal to our customers.

Cannabis business owners in general, and dispensary owners in particular, shouldn’t feel restricted by what other people have done in the market space.  We should instead take advantage of the relative newness of the industry to help expand people’s perceptions of what the cannabis purchasing experience ultimately should be like, by bringing our own creative visions of the process to life.  That’s what I have tried to do with Bud and Bloom, and I am incredibly honored that Leafly selected it for their recent piece.

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