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Aaron Herzberg Cannabis Advocate


Aaron Herzberg is a partner at CalCann Holdings, Inc., a Calfornia-based cannabis real estate company with a portfolio of licensed medical marijuana businesses and properties.  Herzberg is also a strategist, corporate lawyer, cannabis policy expert, and entrepreneur, specializing in California’s nascent legal cannabis industry.  In 2015, Herzberg was selected as a Super Lawyer, a distinction that is limited to the top five percent of lawyers nationwide.  Furthermore, he is the recipient of an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell.


Herzberg’s experience and knowledge of the cannabis industry resulted in his appointment to and service on the City of Long Beach’s Medical Marijuana Task Force, and led him to become a founding member of the Nevada Cannabis Association.  Recognized for his influence, Herzberg has been interviewed by reporters from Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the New York times for his insight into the emerging cannabis industry.


Herzberg’s expertise has allowed him to successfully raise over $20 million in investment capital for his projects at CalCann since January of 2015.  These projects include two new licensed dispensaries in Santa Ana, CA, known as “OC3” and “Bud and Bloom”, as well as applying for licensing for a 46,000 square foot municipally licensed cultivation and manufacturing facility in Lynwood, CA.  The company is presently in escrow for over 150,000 square feet of warehouse space, where they hope to cultivate and process cannabis, and has eight additional dispensary projects in the works in various cities throughout Southern California.

In The Media

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Innovations Abound in Cannabis

We’re continuing to innovate by going against the grain and by being contrary. One of our main methods of innovating in the space is by exploiting licensing and real estate opportunities in Southern California that generally aren’t well-understood… more

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From Aaron’s Desk

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Support for Cannabis Legalization Continuing to Rise

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Government Research Cannabis Dramatically Different Than Commercial Grade Product

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Dispensaries and Hospices – Natural Allies in Enhancing Patient Quality of Life

It has always struck me that cannabis dispensaries and hospice care facilities have quite a bit in common when it comes to enhancing the overall quality of life for patients with conditions treatable by medical cannabis. I recently had the…
Award-winning interior design of Bud and Bloom
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Bud and Bloom Named as One of America's Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries

Recently, Bud and Bloom was honored to be selected as one of America's top 10 most beautiful cannabis dispensaries by Leafly, the largest cannabis website in the world.  The full article can be read here. However, one thing the article does…

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